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    Ty Stedman

    I have had an affinity with New Zealand and its rugged and varied landscape, for a long time. It is an amazing country for landscape photography with its dramatic landscape and soft light through most of the year. I am very fortunate to have returned to New Zealand at least once per year for the past four to experience the wonders that each season brings.

    This year, I entered a number of images in the 018 NZIPP IRIS AWARDS and was very pleased with the results that the images received. Each image that was judged received an award within the Silver to Gold range with 1 x Gold Award, 2 Silver Distinctions and 4 Silver Awards.

    The images were awarded across the categories of Commercial, Travel & Landscape and featured a range of aerial fine art landscapes from Western Australia, South Australia and New Zealand.

    The results from these awards also meant that I accrued sufficient Honours merit points to be recognised as an Associate of the NZIPP.

    I am now looking forward to entering the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs) next month.

    You can read more about the NZIPP IRIS AWARDS here and AIPP APPAs here.

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