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  • Photography is my means of expression and communication — an opportunity to see the world that is unique from the common view. It has become a constant motivation to explore new horizons. Whether it is from the elevation of a plane, or the addition of time via a long exposure, the beauty of this planet is all around us, we just need to take the time to pause, to feel — and completely experience.

    I am inspired by our natural environment and the opportunities it affords us. A place of connection, escape, solitude, replenishment, inspiration, awe and origin. My current aerial work concentrates on the natural and altered landscapes of regional Australia and remote parts of the world. I focus on abstract forms, colour, and texture to communicate the beauty and detail that escapes the conventional view.

    I am influenced by minimalist expressions of the world, the addition of less to express more. It is an influence in both my monochrome and aerial work. Combing for graphical and geometric forms, seeking order and peace amongst the chaos.

    In a world of constant distraction and destruction, I am guided by, and aspire to every photographer that presents our natural world as a place of indescribable beauty and unrivalled wonder. Photographers, that if only for a moment, get a global audience to pause, reflect and make the natural world the forefront of our collective consciousness.