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  • Tree Planting with Ecologi

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    Ty Stedman

    Ty has selected Ecologi for our tree planting program partner. And there's good reason why he has chosen them.

    So, why have we decided to partner with Ecologi for our tree planting program partner?
    It has become increasingly critical for us to include an environmental program that we could promote and contribute to, as a way to offset the environmental impact of our operations.
    We feel that the natural starting point for this objective was to donate to a tree-planting NGO for every order placed via our website.

    Introducing Ecologi

    After spending several months researching potential tree-planting partners we finally arrived at the ideal partner program, introducing Ecologi.

    Ecologi was established by a group of environmentalists in the United Kingdom in order to contribute more to the deepening global climate crisis.

    Ecologi’s basic service offering is as an intermediary between businesses and climate change and environmental NGO’s. Ecologi offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to contribute towards reforestation and carbon offsetting projects, as well as supporting global environmental, quality of living, water security and food production projects, that are directly linked to carbon emissions and deforestation.

    Ecologi has worked with global corporations such as Vodafone, Hasbro, the BBC and Lloyds Bank, just to name a few.

    As a B Certified Corporation, Ecologi provides businesses with the opportunity to operate with a net-zero workforce, enabling businesses to offset their workforce equivalent carbon emissions generated through daily operations and travel.

    Ecologi uses donated funds to directly support some of the largest climate action NGOs such as Eden Reforestation Projects, Trees for the Future and One Tree Planted.

    Ecologi operates with complete transparency by listing financials and evidence of carbon avoidance and reforestation contributions directly on their website. They are also listed on the websites of the funds they directly contribute to such as Eden Reforestation Projects.

    Ecologi has worked with global corporations such as Vodafone, Hasbro, the BBC and Lloyds Bank, just to name a few.

    How do I know that a tree is being planted from my purchase?

    Our key objective in selecting a tree-planting partner was one that would offer us transparency and automation in our contributions. The most critical part of this decision-making process was for Ecologi to plant trees on our customer’s behalf as soon as a purchase is completed. This function is provided by Ecologi.

    At any time you can visit our virtual forest and the projects that we are helping to support by visiting our page on Ecologi here.

    We will keep our customers and members updated with our progress on Ecologi as our forest grows.

    What else is on the horizon?

    We have a number of exciting objectives on the horizon that we plan to action within twelve months (by September 2024):

    1. Offset historical emissions dating back to 2016 to offset each charter helicopter and airplane flight used to capture Ty’s aerial photography through contributions made with Ecologi;
    2. Backdate our commitment to plant 3 trees for every artwork sold, from commencement as of September 2023,  to sales since 1st January 2018.

    Is there anything else that I can do?

    We’re glad you asked!

    In addition to purchasing artwork directly through our website or by contacting us, you can sign up for own Ecologi account.

    This will allow you to offset your own business, travel or purchases, along with options to gift trees or carbon offsets as a thoughtful gift option that anyone would appreciate.

    As a bonus use the following referral link for a sign-up bonus of 30 trees towards your own forest.

    Thank you for helping us support initiatives to protect the planet

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