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  • 2018 aipp luminous collection stitching fillets


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    Ty Stedman

    I am extremely honoured and humbled to have one of my entries from this years AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs), selected in the AIPP Luminous Collection for 2018.

    The Luminous Collection is a selection of 15 prints from this year’s APPAs that are auctioned for the Luminous Fund – a project founded to facilitate student education and grants, as well as to build a long term fund to assist with industry advocacy and philanthropy by the AIPP.

    Selected as the only photographer below a Master of Photography designation, I am delighted to be in the company of Australian and New Zealand photographers that I have tremendous respect and admiration for.

    The image that has been selected is titled ‘Stitching Fillets’.

    ‘Stitching Fillets’ was shot on a Christmas road trip from Busselton to the Sunshine Coast last December with my wife and 3 young children. I was fortunate to undertake a number fixed wing aerial shoots during the trip including this one in South Australia. 

    The image inspired a number of interpretations from judges at various awards. Including UFOs, ECG sensor pads or Buttons stitched to the water’s surface. I am always searching for some sort of order between the natural and manmade environments, and believe this image expresses that.

    Shot in the afternoon, the fading light coupled with the deep blue of the Southern Ocean, accentuated the contrast of the sea with the colour and tone of the fish pens.

    The auction runs until 5pm AEST Monday 17th September 2018. You can access the auction via this link: https://galabid.com/auction/aipp/

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