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    Ty Stedman

    The Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs) at the end of August were the ideal culmination to the Australasian Professional Photography Awards season.

    In my first year of membership with the AIPP and first time entrant to the APPAs, I was successful in having all four of my prints awarded with a Gold, 2 x Silver Distinctions and a Silver. My overall aggregate falling only a few points short of being one of the five finalists in the highly competitive landscape category.

    A personal highlight of the judging was the commentary and final score of 95 from the highly respected and acclaimed Mike Langford APP.L GM.Photog. FAIPP G.M.NZIPP for the print attached to this post. Mandarine Montgomery APP M.Photog. III initially scored the print 90, allowing for an automatic challenge. One of her first comments was,  “technically it is perfect.
    Mike Langford’s comments, “I’m proposing that we actually go to 96 because there is nothing wrong with this image, it is an original piece of seeing…the construction and the viewpoint, everything about it is perfect there is nothing in this image that is out of place. Even the snow, even the detail on the highlights, every single element in here is absolutely perfect and thank you Mandarine for going there to start with to  allow us to look at it longer, because the longer I look at it the more it works…going to Gold with Distinction thank you.
    The print eventually scored 93 (95 94 93 90 95) – a solid Gold Award and a memory that will keep me motivated for some time. It was incredibly rewarding being in the judging room at the time.
    (Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3d8TWFWgCA Print @ 07:14:00)

    My final result also meant that I had earned sufficient merit points to be designated Associate of the AIPP –  an achievement that I am very proud to have achieved in my first year of entry and membership with the AIPP.

    After an amazing first time experience I am already looking forward to what next year might hold.

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