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Ty offers an extensive range of educational services to beginner and intermediate photographers.

As an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP & university qualified teacher, Ty’s delivery techniques facilitate effective learning regardless of your ability and experience.

Whether you would like to learn how to take better photos, learn to take control of your camera or want to dive into post production to put a personal touch on your images — Ty is able to assist.



Your Camera

There is no better way to learn than by doing. Join Ty for a 3 Hour, individual or small group, workshop in Western Australia’s South West region to build your confidence in controlling your camera so that you can take the photos that you have always dreamed of capturing.



Introduction To

Adobe Lightroom

Image capture is just the first step in your artistic journey. Today’s cameras do a great job at capturing all of the digital information that you witnessed at your favourite vista but don’t do the image justice in deciding how it should be presented. Now it is time to create the emotion that you felt and exercise the vision you had envisaged.

Adobe® Lightroom® is a RAW processing program. A tool that allows you to control the digital information that you captured in the field and make the image truly your own.

All learning is at your pace.

This session is a fantastic follow-on to the Master Your Camera session.

Introduction To

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe® Photoshop® holds the mantel as the pinnacle for image editing and enhancement. Photoshop allows the artist fine control and enhancement through various layers and tools to work on selective aspects of an image offering the ultimate in creative control and ability.

Once you have some fundamental techniques and principles under your belt, a seemingly confusing program unlocks itself to becoming one of the most powerful and accurate programs that will give you images a clear distinction in attaining your creative vision.


Next Steps

The depth of possibility that Adobe® Photoshop® provides is almost endless. This 3 hour sessions take the fundamentals of the Introduction to Adobe® Photoshop® session and adds some additional tools to increase your creative potential. Focussing purely on the tools and enhancements relevant to photographers, this session takes you to a point where you have full control over the image that you have envisioned through the implementation of luminosity masking for fine masking control, and by recruiting third party plugins/software to expand Photoshop’s creative boundaries.



Extended Photography

Tours & Workshops

Ty assists Seng Mah of Venture Photography Workshops with a number of photography tours and workshops both in Australia and abroad.

Venture Photography Workshops has established itself as a leading Photography Education provider in Australia. Group participants always leave a workshop or tour feeling enthused and inspired for the pursuit and form part of a photography family, many of who become lifelong friends sharing a common passion.

Visit the Venture Photography Workshops site to view the complete list of workshop and photography tours that Venture Photography Workshops offers.




Photography Education