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  • ‘Ningaloo Reverie’

    ‘Ningaloo Reverie’ is an integral member of the Ningaloo Collection. The image captures the interface between the reef and subsurface sand dunes sculpted by tide and wind.

    On reviewing this image after the aerial flight, the element that quickly drew my attention was the ‘molten wax’ element to the image that made it unique in contrast to the other images in the collection. There is something surreal and visually intriguing to the image that makes it interesting to review time and time again.

    Limited Edition

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    Edition Sizes:

    10 x 8 inches (25.5 x 20cm) Edition of 15 – Collector’s Edition
    25 x 20 inches (63.5 x 50.5cm) Edition of 10
    37.5 x 30 inches (95 x 76cm) Edition of 7
    50 x 40 inches (127 x 101.5cm) Edition of 5

    All Limited Edition Prints are shipped with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

    In addition, Fine Art Prints are numbered and signed front and back.
    Acrylic Mounted Prints and Metal Prints, are finished with a signed and numbered label affixed to the rear.

    2 Artist Proof prints for this work are reserved by Ty, and may be made available for sale once the total edition is sold out.

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    Printed Media

    Collector Edition Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Acrylic Mounted Fine Art Print, HD Metal Print


    10 x 8 inches (25.5 x 20cm) – Ed of 15, 25 x 20 inches (63.5 x 50.5cm) – Ed of 10, 37.5 x 30 inches (95 x 76cm) – Ed of 7, 50 x 40 inches (127 x 101.5cm) – Ed of 5

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